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Reviews for "Kill Sub-Zero 3"


this is the best MK sprite parody I've seen in a long ass time. good fucking job. I lmao'd.


Scorpin:Two Sub-Zeros. That's one too many!
Shao Kahn:This calls for Mortal Kombat!
Scorpin:All right!
Sub-Zeros:You think you got what it takes to defeat us?
Scorpin:Oh shit!
Shao Kahn:Sub-Zeros win...... Fatality.
Sub-Zeros:Scorpin you pussy,get back here and fight like a man!


both of them is... GREAT fastest ever I saw

Kill Sub-Zero?

Hmm... Didn't know they were making another Mission: Impossible...

u reely should

u reely should make another,oh wait where did u go?fuck that!!