Reviews for "MegaDrill"

It was good but

I like the whole style of gameplay this is. Where you upgrade your object then see how far up or in this case down you can send it flying. The thing is it just didn't really catch for me. The graphics and menu were great looking, it just didn't attract me to much. The controls seemed kind of sketchy as well. Keep up the work though.


Wasn't the best game ever but it was kinda fun for a while but one thing i didn't like was the voice acting i don't mean to sound like a douche but it drove me insane! but this game had some good points to it as well i liked the drawing and animation its was smooth and good but the game got fairly repetive and boring very fast.

Interesting but gets boring quickly

Like in my title. It is fun at first but then it gets really grinding as you start to go deeper. Not really my type of game, but it is alright.

kinda annoying