Reviews for "MegaDrill"

Impossible to get 2600 feet award?

I maxed out all my upgrades and tried for the 2600 depth award but the most I can get even with using nitro when the bell starts chiming is 2527 feet.

Cool game though. A few things... The 'menu' button is where the 'continue to game' button should be. After clicking my upgrades I would reflexively click the button on the lower right to go on but I would get the menu instead.

Also, having to watch the 'x weeks left' banner fly over every single time was a drag.

It would be great if was more features that motherlode has, but it's very good for what it is.


I MOST take big ship ....

I would have given this a ten but...

THERE'S NO PAUSE BUTTON! THAT IS SO CHEAP! WHAT IDIOT DOESN'T ADD A PAUSE BUTTON! For that, I take off three stars. You think that's not fair? Fine, I'll give the ten but I missed some important phone calls.\

Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Art Style: 10/10
Laziness and not adding a pause button: -10/10

You are lucky the music is awesome or I would have rated it lower. Don't you ever forget the pause button again!

ktrepanier responds:

There is one. Click on the "menu" button, bottom right of the screen.

Got a bug

TypeError: Error #1009: "null".
at MegaDrill_fla::MainTimeline/PL_LOADIN G()

hi ktrepanier. nice game. was interesting to discover more and more stuff underground. but I got a bug - at the end of the level I was getting rewards several times. like I earned 900$ and message was showed 5 times and I got 4500$ in upgrade screen.