Reviews for "MegaDrill"

Nice game

I had fun, even if this game as been made hundreds of time lol. I didn't like the guy nor the story though. And you should have said that you had to actually get like 15 treasures in ONE shot and without the mole.

Very good

This was fun. A little too simplistic but fun. The laugh option in the starting menu and the ending was really funny. The gameplay, while simply, was fun and the upgrades were well worth it. I do wish another upgraded version of this was made because I felt like it was missing somethings that would've made this game better. Some things like a speed up button to drill faster on your controls, even if it meant wasting more fuel. I would've also liked an unlimited time option, either as a reward or as an implemented option. Otherwise, graphics were good and it was entertaining.

Impossible to get 2600 feet award?

I maxed out all my upgrades and tried for the 2600 depth award but the most I can get even with using nitro when the bell starts chiming is 2527 feet.

Cool game though. A few things... The 'menu' button is where the 'continue to game' button should be. After clicking my upgrades I would reflexively click the button on the lower right to go on but I would get the menu instead.

Also, having to watch the 'x weeks left' banner fly over every single time was a drag.

It would be great if was more features that motherlode has, but it's very good for what it is.


This game is pretty much exactly like Motherload, only not quite as good. That isn't to say this game wasn't enjoyable to play, but the idea was essentially copied from another earlier flash game. Your art and animation talents are easily worthy of a 9 or 10 if only you had done something a bit more original.