Reviews for "MegaDrill"

Got a bug

TypeError: Error #1009: "null".
at MegaDrill_fla::MainTimeline/PL_LOADIN G()


So close! All but one trophy!

The mole was overpowered but apart from that, very good! Keep up the good work!


Wasn't the best game ever but it was kinda fun for a while but one thing i didn't like was the voice acting i don't mean to sound like a douche but it drove me insane! but this game had some good points to it as well i liked the drawing and animation its was smooth and good but the game got fairly repetive and boring very fast.

I would have given this a ten but...

THERE'S NO PAUSE BUTTON! THAT IS SO CHEAP! WHAT IDIOT DOESN'T ADD A PAUSE BUTTON! For that, I take off three stars. You think that's not fair? Fine, I'll give the ten but I missed some important phone calls.\

Music: 10/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Art Style: 10/10
Laziness and not adding a pause button: -10/10

You are lucky the music is awesome or I would have rated it lower. Don't you ever forget the pause button again!

ktrepanier responds:

There is one. Click on the "menu" button, bottom right of the screen.


I MOST take big ship ....