Reviews for "MegaDrill"

hi ktrepanier. nice game. was interesting to discover more and more stuff underground. but I got a bug - at the end of the level I was getting rewards several times. like I earned 900$ and message was showed 5 times and I got 4500$ in upgrade screen.


cool drilling game

Good Concept

Don't get me wrong this is a well executed game, however, once everything is upgraded the game takes on a repetitive "been there done that nature." Also,without giving anything away, the ending was a bit anticlimactic. Overall nice effort, but for future games you might want to throw in a few more elements--along the same lines as the nitrous boosts and mechanical moles--to keep it interesting.

kinda annoying


Ehh, it was okay.

It was ok, but a bit confusing before I figured out how the whole drill thing worked. Also, the overall concept felt a lot like Motherload, a flash game from earlier times that implemented the 'drill for riches' type of game. Nontheless, good work.