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Reviews for "Space galaxy"


good attempt at a game i can tell this is one of your first trys, but they'll get better you probably already know that but everyone else doesnt!


Only 1 Level?

Funny Game, but only 1 level?
Also the audio hearts my ears!

Good Attempt

It's a little easy but still, you are trying and contributing and you'll only improve with time.

Keep it up!


Kills time amazingly well audio is crap quality but ya too simple and easy afterwards.

Not Bad

It was alright i think, but i have 2 complaints: first it was WAAAY too easy i beat it once by spamming the mouse without moving at all, and my second is that it was too short, adding a few levels and like the guy below me said add a twist to make things more interesting would be nice, but it DID keep me entertained for a bit and thats more than i can say for a lot of games.