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Reviews for "Wacky Game Jokez 4 Kidz"


pretty solid writing and animation. i was laughing a few times throughout. the voice acting isnt great on the other hand, a little more emotion would go a long way

Murlock? O__o

Is Micky Murlock from Gorillaz? O_O

What a delightfully disgusting individual

a crafted character who infuriates you to murderous levels with his obstinate recalcitrance and downright belligerent personality, but also captures a small unwilling part of your fondness through his understated(though sharp) wit and perfectly timed grudging acquiescence to the demands of his captors (the fact that he deserves it all, and more, not withstanding).

All in all you have achieved a character that i hate (robbing old women at knife point...really now...) and love (kirby?...heheh... seriously?) and the icing on the cake is the gruff, perry white/ jonah jameson bossfellow who seems to completely complement his character.
the other two... i'll watch further to see.

great stuff, i must now check out the rest of you work.

may the winds of the stars fill your sails forever


Although I disagree with Mickey's point of view.
There is no doubt about it that this series is the apitamy (I don't know if this spelled right) of true flash comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S.: Who else is willing to bet that the boss is actually Mickey's dad?


It is always a second off when they cuss which is funny lol