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Reviews for "Left 4 Dead Chomski"


i really liked this it was simple short and silly, random side note: i enjoy beating down zombies with mr.gnome compski :P

Sabtastic responds:

It's SO HARD to move when you're trying to linebacker your way through a horde of zombies with mr.gnome!! xD

Thanks for the kind review. c:


I don't know if it was intentional, and hell, it might actually just be my headphones, but the crackling sound quality was actually awesome and helped set the mood better than the music could have done on its own, I think. Of course, if it really was just my headphones, then I guess you have no idea what I'm talking about, and that's really a shame, 'cause you're missing out.

Though it has been stated many times before, I must reiterate that it doesn't shine they way it should as a stand-alone flash. You need more content - might I suggest a Sistastic (flows better than Sistertastic, I think :P) L4D2 Collab? ;D Or, if you were so inclined, I think you could pull together your own giant collab!

Bonus points for including the Bull Shifters shirt. For my own personal sense of justice - and horrible bloody vengeance - I would have loved to see the hunter pounce that smirky little red-hatted bastard, but I guess I can let it go. ;p

One final thought! If you want to make this work better on its own, a cartoon following the survivors through Whispering Oaks could be potentially aaaamaaaaziiiiing...

Sabtastic responds:

B'awww. Thanks for being so nice about the review, man. I appreciate it. XD

Kind of a shame that this collab thing probably isn't happening.. If I had the skills with Flash, i'd definitely throw down an exclusive L4D collab or something. I'd be all kinds of down. (and i'd force mel to participate too. muahaha)

Anyway, again, thanks for bein' so gosh darn nice about this one! :3
I'm sorta starting to dislike it myself to be honest, but it's definitely nice to hear it from an optimist's point of view! ;D hehe

Also: Fix your headphones! lol I know not of this "crackling" you refer to! O:


chompski is evil

I love hunters!

I donĀ“t like that music,and maybe too short.But background and characters look awesome!Ellis is my favourite survivor and Hunter is my favourite Infected. :D

so true

This happened way too many times to me, I remember letting go of the gnome for 5 seconds to heal. Then a guy would come up and steal it, just to toss it off a cliff. At least I know that other people have endured the same pain :D