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Reviews for "Left 4 Dead Chomski"


Make the hunters scream louder,and the bacteria (i tihnk its the name of the short voice thing) a bit less louder,so it scares people more :)
Although i know it isnt your intention

what was that!

it was short and boring..the onlt thing you got right was the hunter scream

stupid knome

how could you kill ellis?

Big fan

of the drawing style and lighting. Ellis is comedy gold because he's an unpredictable character, so i didn't really care for the ending.

Not bad...

I'd have to say that you did a pretty good job on this flash...with all the lighting and junk. I am also a reallly good fan of the Left 4 Dead series and I do play them often. which made me give you some slack...but if you could make more movement and actions...blah blah, would make more... well good, nice job and keep making stuff.
PS: I like the ending, unexpected and made me snicker a little...