Reviews for "Left 4 Dead Chomski"

Very funny/creepy.

Okay, even though you said It's not really that funny, This cracks me up. And yeah, it's prolly funnier if you've played l4d2 (or half-life 2)

I felt the same way Ellis did, just carrying it around gave me nightmares.

Sabtastic responds:

lol Yeah, I can relate. Having to carry that little bugger around for the WHOLE FREAKING CAMPAGN is painfully creepy. :P

Meh... its alright...

I only recently started playing L4D2, so I have not encountered this "gnome". I am guessing to find this funny you have to be there. Kudos on the animation, and syncing the soundtrack perfectly. As a collab entry clip it is great, but as an individual flash animation its average. Keep up the good work Sabrina. 3/5 - 6/10 and I fave'd it on DA.

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks, Vana!

And yeah, I've pretty much accepted that this isn't my greatest flash ever. lol
Just gonna mark it down as a learning experience. The main reason I didn't put a lot of effort into it was because I learned that the collab was likely not going to happen-- and I was already halfway done. :\

Anyway, thanks for the review! :D

Eh, it's was ok

The art was very nice, especially the backgrounds, and it was too short. I was expecting thr gnome to like attack him or something, or even a booomer, but I knew the hunter was gonna jump em.

Sabtastic responds:

Yeah, it was mostly meant to be a short little clip for the collab. I didn't bother to make it very long because I later found out that the collab probably wasn't going to happen. :c

Ah well. Thanks for the review!

the reason why this is funny is:

cause most people can relate to this kind of thing, like today i was playing this game and i thought "shit i should save the gnome" buuuut the tank said other wise.........fucking tank >w>


I think you kinda have to know about the knome for it to be funny.

Sabtastic responds:

Yeah. lol

Which is why I was really hoping that this would be put into the collab, because it would mostly be watched by actual L4D fans, and people would get it.
Random people who have never heard of this game would probably be confused by the randomness of it. :P

Thanks for the 10!