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Reviews for "Left 4 Dead Chomski"

Oh hell na

IM gettin theF#@k out of here!!!!

really awesome

dude when i play im always talking in a russian accent saying the gnome is comin or gnome chopski will avenge you or fear the gnome once i kill a witch with it anyway awesome job.


That thing attacking the dude totally caught me offguard and freaked me out. That is something that hasn't happened in while so props to you for that. This is definately one of the better animated shorts I've seen and I agree with Araelyn that you should try a full length vid, 'cause it would more than likely make front page. Keep up the great work!


I liked the reference and the overall art was awesome. Looks like you have tweens and blurs down pat.

I'd really like to see an actual flash from you, lady. I'm seeing all these little short projects and I want to see you jump right into the skillet and get cooking on something a little more magical. I love all your art and I think it's fantastic and I'd love to see that fantastic art become even more awesome flash animation. I'd be stoked if a fellow lady, from Canada no less, could plow through the male population on this website.
I'll be trying too. Heh.

Sabtastic responds:


Good to hear from a fellow female canadian newgrounder! :D
Thanks a bunch for the words of encouragement. I've really been itching to delve into a full-length flash, to be honest.. But I haven't felt comfortable enough with flash quite yet. My little sister, however, is kicking my ass with that. I'm still kind of in the tinkering stages. With that said though, I keep getting ideas for animations by the truckload!! D:>

Thanks again, and God-speed taking this sausage-fest by storm! :D


it was fun but a little short :p