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Reviews for "Left 4 Dead Chomski"


ive heard of Criken HES THE FUNNIEST GUY IN L4D + L4D2 HISTORY

lol hahahaha

that was funny. that must have sucked though. Although if i was playing id *dont read rest if u dont like spoilers* punt that hunter or atleast had backup :)


lol that was funny...btw no criken didnt make up the name chompski, on the achievement list, "guardin' gnome", the description is "escort gnome chompski out of the carnival". btw, criken is awesome.


Awesome stare off, btw chompski has the awesume face :P


thats hilarious, i was starting to think it was gunna be a rick roll or a screamer, lol, good one, isnt chompski from that criken guy?