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Reviews for "Left 4 Dead Chomski"


hunters are beast pimp zombie they are the best they murder you HUNTERS ARE PIMPS

I Didn't really get it

i just figured that ellis was having a staring contest with the gnome and the hunter got him by surprise

loved that achievement

but it was a bitch to do, almost got killed until the tank falcon punched me into the helicopter.


lol - dont be so harsh on it? it have a score of 9.0 - thats good

It was actually pretty good!

I think people are being way too harsh on this. Yes, as a stand-alone, this flash isn't solid enough to stand up on it's own, but you even said it was for a collab animation. I think it does enough to showcase your art style and your humor -- you're trying to add to the project, not take away from it.

I thought it was very good.