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Reviews for "Professor Layton pt. 6"

Earl's school of...butter!

thats the greatest name for a school ever xD

Skaijo responds:

I'd be proud to have it on my degree. xD

Simply amazing

Every episode is just comedic genius, the dialogue is amazing. I love the series with a passion of fiery love times six million.
The animation still fits perfectly with the voices. I will admit, I laughed less at this one than the other ones, but that only seems so because you seem to have added more story into this episode than anything. Like a main antagonist, although hilarious, was possibly introduced. By possibly, I mean I can't predict what ep.7 will hold, Mr.Wife could possibly be the main villain from this point.
Is Luke dead? He seems pretty dead to me, I mean getting thrown out a window and all. I like the fact that your killing off characters for the purpose of story, but I'll miss Luke.
Keep up the series, I love it!

P.S. Is Mr.Wife an actualy character from the games?

Skaijo responds:

He's Don Paolo. : >


that was so funny hahhahahaha "who's talking so loud?" haha

bah who makes guns anymore!

i really liked this it reminded me of home movies in a way

why can't I give you an 11

I love your work, it's a shame you have a life which prevents you from releasing a vid every second. :'( WOAH! who said that!?