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Reviews for "Professor Layton pt. 6"

What's going on?!

This was almost the funniest thing i've ever seen :D
I will train to speek like that mr. MY WIFE !


I can't stop watching this series! XD I love this whole thing, it's hilarious. I love to imagine these as actual puzzles XD. PLEASE make MOAR! The dialogue is amazing, comdey gold man, seriously!


I will punch you in the eye so hard, you will swallow it. Holy crap, you sir, have once again written comedy gold. The series is so blissfully stupid, but somehow I manage to die laughing every time. Your incessant ranting about absolutely nothing is, I believe, what makes it so funny. And Don Paolo as a serial rapist? Wow, just wow, creepy and funny.

I don't even care if you weren't planning on continuing, I will keep hitting F5 until I see episode 7.

Skaijo responds:

At least F5 my DA account. :P

Seriously though, I appreciate the love. Thanks for mentioning the eyeball comment, that was hard to come up with at the time.


creepy and hilarious! :P

Funny but

Really I gotta say, killing luke was a bad idea, it was funny at the time but i thought that was the end of the series. No matter how many times i watch 1-5 i laugh incredibly hard. This was funny but the main source of humor was luke and the professor going at it. "Professor, Professor, 2+2=THREEEE PROFESSOR!"-"Luke...I have cancer" I mean come on haha.