Reviews for "Professor Layton pt. 6"

I love the calm natural music in the background

as he runs for his life. I'd rate this 11, but crack is SO EXPENSIVE. Not quite as good as five, and definately the weirdest one yet, but still pretty amazing. You really love to drag it out like, from "pudding man" and "i'll see you later man" but your animations always please, "FILIPHINO WOMAN"

was the master of disguise reference from master of disguise the movie? That movie was awesome.


but that's just the sort of thing we're into here on newgrounds. Kudos for the kumquat and Coldplay references. The bloody murder at the end was a bit gratuitous, but other than that it was pretty golden.

I have no recollection...

...of the ownership of the world being transferred to you.

Skaijo responds:

You only log in to comment on my stuff and you barely realized that now?

The policeman in the report is the best.

"NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA." That's exactly how I pictured him sounding while playing the game. Hilarious.


but not as good as 5 please make more