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Reviews for "Death Maze"

A nice effort but...

The maze game is a very common concept for a game idea. I myself have used it for many other submissions.
However since it's used so commonly you need to spice it up a bit. Maybe have some different features instead of just getting to the end of the maze.

Maybe add in some rotating windmills or moving objects that need to be avoided.

Also please never use the flash built in preset gradient colours such as the red and black circular gradiant, it makes your graphics look tacky.

Another way you could build on the game is to have a mute button or more music as the loud blaring music can get very annoying.

And last but not least when you submit a game try to give it some sort of replay value, your game kept me occupied for about 1 minute because it was very short with only 3 levels and sadly not very challenging.

Add in some more levels and objects and some different music and you have an enjoyable game.

i know i'm sounding very harsh but im only trying to point out the facts as i was making these types of games a couple of months ago and now i've improved a lot.

Don't get disheartned by this review though; keep working and persevere and you will improve.

Check out my Mouse avoider game if you want. It's called adventurea

Good luck with your future submissions.

1234ummm6 responds:

Thanks I will take your ideas under consideration but since this was my first game it was just a test to see if I could do it. I didn't expect many people to play it.

Not the first

This isn't the first time I've seen this kind of game, I have a game exactly like it. But it was good so, I'll give you a decent score.

1234ummm6 responds:

Thank you :D

its ok

work on the graphics mate. the first screen looks really professional with the fancy lettering and then the rest of the game looks a bit dull. Also, telling me not to cheat just makes me want to cheat even more :P

1234ummm6 responds:

Lol you are probabaly right about the cheating thing. BTW this game was just a test. I might make another maze game but probably not. :P


Unoriginal, short and poorly made. I did like the menu.
Next time add something new and interesting and make the game longer.

1234ummm6 responds:

I will the next time I make a game :P


its okay, very easy and WAY too short

1234ummm6 responds:

Yes you are right but I wasn't even sure if I could make a video game so this was just basically a test.