Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"

It's hard to believe this only has 98,000 views. It's random ass all hell, yes, but it's so good at the same time.

I think this may be my second favorite animutation from you. It appeared on a list of unusual articles. Seriously, look that up! It's great to see all these different characters. That's a lot of Colin Mochrie. I wish you were here again.

This was your last animutation for awhile. I loved all the fake subtitles. That's what animutation is all about! I am reminded of that awful "Chairman Of The Board" movie I recently saw. It was the only movie starring Carrot Top, in case you didn't know.


W00T! The Earth could not stand so much Psychodelic Phunk like htat.... XD

Pretty Sweet

It was nice, but then again, I like random stuff like this. Awesome job, would love to see more!


thats is some F'd up funk B) nice flash im recovered fom my sezuires