Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"

I love your stuff

Will the person behind me kindly kill him\her\it'sself, thank you, whilst you are intitled to your opinion yours is so whrong that you should be banashed to a cuban prison to have your ass raped off,

I <3 neil ... Jk..... maybe

Marvelouslyfantastical !!!!

Your work ceases to amaze!
Silly Japs coming up with that funtastically random shit!
Gotta love it!

Another masterpiece

hehe, as always very weird and incoherent but hilarious :). btw after seeing many of ur movies im beginning 2 think u got a fetish for flashing light or something :P


you rock this is my favorite flash ever i love it

this is awesome

the guy before me is retarded. this is awesome.