Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"

omg... i just lost 10min of my life

this really sucked. it might have been good if it was at half speed and you could actually hear what their saying!!!!! the sub titals dont help much either with lookin between it and the animation. it was also incredibly to long!!!!

Get cold in a jet, touch a frog

This is one of the best Animutations out there, and I'm not kidding! It's very hilarious, the mondegreens are perfect (Doctor Mankind...:D), and even better it's so non-sensical that it's actually funny! But what I really want to know: how does the Supah Funk Beam 6000 actually work?


This was the most random funny shit since i play russian roulette with a monker, a zebra, and what looked to be ted turner.

that was beautiful.

haha no need to be drunk ahah that was awesome!

My soul bleeds like a bad B movie

i think you just made my soul bleed... while the song was cool and the animation was fun, i'm no where near drunk enough to fully understand what the hell i just saw.