Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"


This is the greatest music video ever. Period.

P.S. Where did you get that music?

red? 3? HUH?!

Holy shit... that was sooooooo random. If you're gonna watch this you better have ADD!

I remember this!!!!

I saw this about three years ago and just watching this brings back memories. Now that I know that the movie was made by a guy named Neil Cicierega aka Trapezoid. I can now tell you what I thought of this flash!

This was by far the best music flash I have ever seen that usd tweening of pics rather than out of your own design!

The flash was very entertaining with the song "Funkastic" by Rip Slyme! As I watched I was nodding my head to the beat. I mean it! We loved the song so much, that we even downloaded the song!

Your flash was entertaining to watch as well! There were many characters I recognized! The obvious ones as well as the unknown ones. The fourth singer looked alot like "Bill Nye the Science Guy,"
as well Colin from "This Hour has Twenty-Two minutes" and "Whose line is it anyway?"
Mighty Mouse, Calvin and Hobbes, Hong Kong Phooie, Mr. Bean, the Kid from Home Alone, Bilbo Baggins, Yoda, the guy in those old ATT commercials, Ronald McDonald, the foreign guys who made the song Yatta Yatta, Osama Bin Lidan, the horse from the movie Spirit, Mario, the leprechaun, that dancing croc, heck, even George "Dubboya" Bush was even in it! You have inspired me in so many ways! Thank you!

God Bless!


That was only mildly disdurbing. Although i was ROFL. It was really funny. Your wierd animation style is mint. This kick ass!

Truly a fantasic Funk

Neil Cicierega knows the true meaning of Random. Please keep them coming!