Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"

I think.......

I went on cloud 9 there with the dynamite pig......

Frightening Acid Trip?

Hardly. It was way more fun than scary. It might be scary to people who have more common sense, though. XD I fucking love this song


This is by far the best animutation ever. I always watch this when I'm blown, cause it's different every time! (?)
Plus, I found out some stuff from watching it way too much:
On the loading screen, in the top left corner, there is a very small dot. oom in, and it is the Pringles logo!
Also, at the very end, when you right-click and press play at the screen with Jambi and his eyes pop out when you roll over him with the mouse, right click and press play. Wile E. Coyote will come up and hold a sign that says "Stop in the name of humanity!"
Finally, if you pause the video on the Quaker Oatmeal picture, it says "My dad's name is Phillip, he's a lawyer" lol
I watch it too much; oh well. Excellent Flash! 5/5 (even though it's been here for a really long time and he probably doesn't even check these comments anymore)
I wonder if Neil would be willing to make a parody song of Particle Man by TMBG and put an animutation with it? That would be awesome!
Anyway, animutation is the best category of flash movies/gaming/anything ever, and I really hope that sometime in the future someone would be willing (and capable) of carrying on the torch of the legacy that Trapezoid has left behind; don't you all?

Dear god

Amazing, what is the name of the song you used because i want it....baddddd....


Good Work :D! FUNNY and RANDOM!!!!1!! lol