Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"

A Great Trip

Now that was fun - a full-tilt, all-out sensory bombardment that, in my opinion, tops even the awesome psychadelic might of Hyakugojyuuichi. The pace, the effects, and above all your array of twisted images make this a true "must-see" flash. Keep it up.

weird al

weird al was the best part

umm... that was weird, but good!

it started off kinda stupid, but once you get farther into it it got better. I like the way you put the "vcr" buttons up at the top and how you edited all of the images to look weird. if you didn't like it then you should read the subtitles. oh yeah also great music, i'm a big fan of "jet set radio" style music.

YEAH! Fantastic!

easily one of the best things ive seen on this site. i love it. are there more? that was great!


japanese rap makes no sense...