Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"

Nice Work

i just gotta say, well... that was some crazy stuff. i salute your imagination. keep em coming


I've seen a lot of shit on newgrounds over the years, this is suprizingly amazing, I've seen a lot of your other work also, and I must say, I am impressed. This submission was made a few years ago it looks like, but I recently stumbled over older works of yours through links of your new work.

I looked up the band in this flash and I'm glad you gave them credit, I wouldnt have been able to track them down. Their actually a Japanese Band named RIP Slyme. I looked them up even further and seen awards from MTV to them and lisened to other songs by them, they are good.

Origionally I thought this was a german band because of the way you twisted the lyrics into what you heard lol - I thought of a band I know called The Fantasic Four, or in german "Die Fantastischen Vier". Anyway man, this work is incredible and I can see your keeping it up in your modern flashs'




Humourous, and very, very good sounds. I like it.

Graphics is as good as any flash can make it. The style of it was OK. Sound is top quality, though lucky for having subtitles, if not no one will understand. To me, ain't violent at all, and zero interactivity. Humour is top of the bar and overall, this is really good.


COULD YA MAKE EARTH VS FUnk2 becuse this is 2 awsome dude !!!
animutations ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!