Reviews for "Earth vs Funk"

Couldn't wait for it to end.

For an artist like you, very poor. It could've been funnier, more understandable, and better drawn. I hated it!

kept getting funnier

Carrot-Top naked with a pringles can! Whats up with that? lol. The only thing i would have changed is to have ended it right after the lady pushed the button to funk the world, other than that it was hillarious

Now i am oficially a fan of your work

That was really funny.

brrrrr...i feel a chill comin on...oh baby

holy hell..fantastic funk beoch i could listen to t all day...as a matter o fact i think i will.....ehehehehe

Neil, thou art awsomeness times squared 5

This flash = ultra super big time funjob, woo. A many happy good score thing to personman types with you as kingman leader of sexy-types.