Reviews for "EnV - Valiant"


Nuff said.

I like it alot. Most of the time theres some high note in the background that just holds on.
I dunno why but thats exactly what this song needed to be that good.
The only thing I missed is a more silent part that "displays" this note a bit more. Maybe without the percussion. I would (if I could) blur the main synth melody in the background while keeping the note as it is. Sry if the english sucked, Im german.

Absolutely awesome! Only faults I have is slightly too long, and a tad repetitive. Makes me feel like I can just get up and do anything! :D

May i upload this on youtube?
Ill make sure to give full credentials to you and your music.

Envy responds:


Another one that makes me feel motivated :) fantastic 5 stars!