Reviews for "EnV - Valiant"

TOP NOTCH BANGER! God damn this song is hot Hot HOT!

I like that kind of music , You did a great job on this , keep on going men.

Simple song, nice repetition of the near-middle theme. The automation in between... worked alright. Worked for me.

Though I want to say that the introduction up to 30 seconds (If I should call it that), sounded a little awkward for me. Comparing what I heard later in the song to the introduction, I can see where it would link up, but I don't feel like it does particularly well. The techno in the background starts to take over after 30 and 40, that lead into your theme much more fluently for me. Not saying that the staccato introduction was ineffective, just that I had to wait much longer than the length of time I usually give to a song for it to catch my attention. Why? Patronizing aside, you are Envy. I wouldn't expect something like the first 30 seconds for 4 minutes. Like I say to others, a fraction of a second can make or break a listener. I had to wait nearly 30; introductions are important.

I'll probably wish I could add on to this later, but for now eh. Good rendition, rather enjoyed it.

You awesome :D

This may sound weird, but this is AWESOME i always wanted to make songs like this! :D
What program do u use to make these songs?! :P