Reviews for "EnV - Valiant"

As always, I love the music. As always, 5 stars.

Did someone name these songs from the "NameMySongForMe" things?

This is by far one of the best songs you have produced. It has a very adrenaline based feeling to it, a feeling I love to hear in a song. The pauses that pop up occasionally were also well placed. I was thinking up a story for this song very carefully, using the title as a one word guideline. I eventually got the basis for the story below, and I carved it into the final product

Loading their guns, the soldiers prepared themselves for the insertion. The transport dropped the back hatch and the marines charged out, into the rage of war. Taking position behind the rubble and debris, the soldiers took out the first line of shambling Introids. Attaching bayonets and running out into the field of battle, they cut down the stragglers. Above them, a battlecruiser goes into a tailspin and crashes, releasing more of the Introids and infected. The squads slap a shotgun nozzle to the front of their gun and start blasting away, leaving gory holes in everything that gets hit. There is a sudden lull, and more troops drop headfirst onto the battle field to assist the squad. Continuing forward, the battlegroup kills anything in their path that isn't friendly. Dropping a flare and taking a moments rest, the soldiers look up to watch three mechas being launched in an arc towards the enemy compounds. Reinvigorated from this display of military power, the soldiers push onward until eventually reaching the center of the city, and after destroying the last hostile forces in the area, they begin to hoist a flag to show that the city has been liberated. Valiant Squad's work here is done.

Your friendly (and insane) reviewer/writer, Cafaling

How much I ENVY you! Haha.. get it?
Boring jokes aside... This is a magnificient piece, as always. You might want to double check between 3:40 and 3:55. Something sounds weird. I don't know exactly what, but there is something that really bothers me. Then again, i am deaf from the left side. This might be the problem.
Still, 5/5. Big fan!

Recently your intros have been pretty weak. But DAYUM! This song makes me wanna hit the floor :D

After listening to this... and then listening to what I just uploaded... I disappoint my self lmao. I have much to learn. Good job. Makes me want to learn more. I like the melody at about 1:50 . Sick stuff.