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Reviews for "Mountains of Gold"

This puts Assassin's Creed's soundtrack to shame. I'm talking the original AC here, not the new crap. 4.5 stars. (I would rate 5, but my laptop crashes every time I try, for some strange reason. D:)

"There's gold in them thar hills!" :3 Literally.

(P.S. #Run3rd the game. ._. I dare you to try and get that goddamn Ultra-Marathon medal.)

This song is absolutely terrific and I can't really find anything to complaint about it. Sure it could be longer as I would gladly listen to more of this.
The song also reminds me a bit of the soundtrack in Trine which is great because there definitely isn't enough of that kind of music.

I've just spent around an hour and a half scouring the internet for this track after hearing it in house of wolves. Easily the best track in there, so glad I can finally listen to it :D

I was wondering is i could use this in a MC lets play im using for the intro. I would greatly appreciate it if I could. I will give all credit to you of course. So please reply if you can.

House of Wolves!