Reviews for "WTFuture"

I agree with jbfirstdown22

the movie is very well animated, but the jokes are sooo lame, and very cliché.

I hope to see some other work from you guys, just let someone else write the jokes, its a waste of good talent


Sorry to say... but I did NOT like this movie at all...
the computer error was the expired whip cream to no icecream


Well! Don't kno why, and maybe it's only me, but I can't even see the video. It cuts off and all I can see is a little tiny square of it in the top left corner. But by the audio, it sounds very funny. Probably why you are getting great reviews! But sorry I gotta say otherwise considering I didn't experience anything.

Doesn't show up properly.

Yeah same for me it just crops to the top left corner, even after refreshing multiple times. Is there any chance you could try re-sibmitting it? Could help.

It is tagged "subtitles". There are no subtitles.