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Reviews for "WTFuture"

i agree with angelic

alot of old, tired jokes, and most of them felt forced. but it had its moments. i think if you had edited it to be shorter i would have liked it more.

Pretty Good

Decent idea, could have been better with more enthuiastic voice acting and faster moving scenes.


It started out pretty 'meh' for me expecially because the last time I wached any Eddsworld cartoons, I was 5 years younger and barely liked them. Until I saw the TARDIS. It wens seriously uphill from there. ;-)

I especially liked the writing, it was suprisingly well paced, something that is lacking in most flash animations with this kind of humor!

it was good

it was good but some of the humor was too quick to get the joke and the ending wasn't funny or good in my opinion

i think it would be awsome

but i cant see it i can only see the left side