Reviews for "WTFuture"

Kinda funny

I was able to somewhat bypass the glitch of the flash resizing into the corner by watching the first thirty seconds of it miniaturized, then refreshing the page and choosing the first scene from the scene select. Shit happens, so i overlooked it when considering the score.

But even that aside, it wasnt your best work. it had its moments, but it was all over the place and some of the jokes werent that great. 6/10


This was okay, but I just didn't really get it. The play button f***s up at the beginning, and the video begins to loop at the "pack up whatever you can." scene.


The animation is good, and so is (some of) the voice acting, the writing is simple but enough, but the real lack there was something to keep the humor in the right pace. Most of the jokes are torn down due to the lack of something extra to the comedy mood you're intending to put us into. But it also didn't help that most of the voice acting sounded aphatic or bored, which most of the times it doesn't match what's happening in the scene. The brief roles of such famous people were good, but not enough to pull out the potential that this flash could have, since the main star, Edd, didn't really sound as spaced out or excited about random events as it could've been.
Overall, you should try to improve the voice acting and maybe a music that is less Atari 600 like.


it was alright.

=P messed up alot

didnt watch it cuz it kept messing up waited for like 20 mins