Reviews for "WTFuture"

very creative idea :))


I enjoy al your animations, ed, tom, and matt go through some crazy shit, thx :)

This was actually the first ever eddsworld cartoon that I watched from you but I didn't really get a chance to review this back when you first made it (besides the fact that I didn't know what newgrounds was even a thing until 2013), so here it goes: when I first saw this, I wasn't really
engaged at the time and stop watching before the title intro began (because I was a dumb 13 year old at the time and I had the attention span for 2 minute lego stopmotions instead of full length 10 minute flash episode). When I saw other classmates discussing about eddsworld in middle school at the time, I thought of giving eddsworld another shot. When I watched the episode again (the entire cartoon this time), I thought it was the most awesome thing on the internet, so throughout the years, I watched all the shorts/episodes and eventually becoming a fan. Back to WTFuture, the story was subtle yet witty and charming at the same time. The music fit really well, the backgrounds went really well with the splendid animation, it seriously felt like this show was supposed to be on television.

Looking back, I couldn't believe you were able to upload episodes that frequently (I'm trying my best to finish my first cartoon for the past 3 months and it won't even be more than a minute for crying out loud) and how much you've improved throughout the years (just compare this to the other 10 minute episode, Spares). It has been 2 years since you passed away and I sometimes try to imagine if you never passed away in the first place (I was very eager to watch your now scrapped series, SuperAverage). Time has passed by and animations nowadays require low brow humor/pop culture references or parodies to bring in audiences. You're one of my inspirations for making animations and I hope one day to finally create/lift off my own original series and entertain people in the vain of your eddsworld series. Your legacy has left a lot, Edd Gould, I salute you with a coca-cola can. I'm yearning to see you soon one day.

I coment to give 5 stars.