Reviews for "The Heart and the Hand p2"


Really well made, inspiring, comedy, tragic, creative, and romantic. Great animation dude. 100/10 500/5

This was a very good flash.

Great quality and animations. The plot and how it played out was great. Also, is this what it is like when a flash animator goes on a date? ^_^ Lol.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hah, probably not. Not unless he's a little.. tapped in the head so to speak, eh? Eh? EH!? Tee hee. Thanks for watching!

You are welcome

I knew that was Rina-chan doing Annie's voice! Anyway, I really liked how this was simply one of the cutest things I had ever seen. What matters is that it worked really well as a slice of life story. I have not seen the first one so it is a little difficult to understand exactly what is going on, but it is still great. For its length, it never lets up at all and it have much dialogue but still manages to set character development for its characters. The animation was flawless, especially the use of crayon coloring in some sequences.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, you don't actually need to have watched the first part, as that's included in this. The first, like, five minutes of this actually is part 1. I included it because I wanted people to be able to see the entire animation as it was meant to be seen. I'm glad you enjoyed it though, man!

That a good V-day Story

10 out 10 man i love the clip of the art


You've done it again mate. Another bloody good flash. Keep rockin'. and Happy Valentines day.