Reviews for "The Heart and the Hand p2"

Your best most sophisticated work yet!

What can i say man you've just topped all your other works.

Brilliant animation, nice accompanying soundtrack and cute story.

10/10 crayons :D

WHOA! She can move fast!

What I noticed first was the effects with the guy's green eyes googling about after she dressed him at lightning speed (I wonder what she saw while doing that), and the music fit the 'mood' too. But the eyes were VERY awesome.

I was looking forward to this, and you did not disappoint! I don't know weather the end was a...happy one? The guy just left the girl standing there. Broke. I think I felt the same way as the girl: confused.

All-in-all: WFTH. (WIN for the HEART!)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed what I did there! What with the eyes and everything, being all crazy. Thanks for watchun!


I've always been a big fan of your random comedy but this is a huge change. I love it.


But I don't think I've ever heard a guy named annie

Bobert-Rob responds:

That's the chick, actually. Guy's named Glenn.


its beautifu! *smooch* *runs off* hahahahaha