Reviews for "The Heart and the Hand p2"

Wow theres Win everywhere!

Well I just saw the first part thinking that this was only going to show the second part...fuck. But oh well this is still a excellent flash. The animation is top-notch and has the unique Robert Winchester feel that I love as usual. The story is kinda far fetched how she falls in love with him the same day that she firsts meets him and then that night they have a WHACKY dinner. But that dosent bother me, im just trying to find anything to complain about in this flash...but... I cant find myself able to do so. The humour is quircky and uplifting, makes me smile the whole time becuase I know im watching a bright, colourful flash that isnt innapropriate in any way and I still find it great. I also love the dialogue how its just sounds and some few words, gives alot to the imagination and makes the flash all the more unique. Im not to much of a fan of the ending though, its kinda abrupt. Just a huge smooch and running off into traffic is okay if there wasnt so much build up to a perfect ending...like maybe just him actually figureing out that she likes him and realizing that thats what she's been trying to do by going out to dinner with him (go on a date) then he stops acting like he has artists add and looks into whats really going on and...damn now that I think about it...it would be really hard to make an ending like that witout any dialogue...still im not a fan of it. And knowing that theres not going to be any more THATH flashes brings a small tear to my eye (not really) so thats probobly why I dont like the ending. Jesus enough about the ending already... The sun charecter was also funny, I seemed to notice every small thing he did while he was dancing around in the backround. And on top of that the idea of the whole dinner is kind of amazing when you think about it. The boy has compulsive drawing disorder (or something like that) so he tries to get his blue crayon back. Well he cant so he uses A1 Stake Sauce to draw on a napkin, only to figure out that if he had more napkins he can make a larger, better tasting picture. So he steals all the napkins and Mr.Tophat sees him stealing so they fight over the napkins, rips them. The bartender puts him back in his seat in which he trips on the napkin falls on his ass and then the couple (who are uberembarresed) leave.... now who the hell could come up with such a weird and creative climax to a flash? Robert Winchester thats who mutha fucka! The climax would be a perfect A1 Steak Sauce commercial just when they leave the place the boy would still have the wet napkin, shove the whole thing into his mouth and then the voice would say "Yeah Its that Good"...or whatever theyre slogan is. Wow this review is alot longer than I want it to be...sooo Excellent flash, I enjoyed it alot, brightned up my day as I sit here at 11:23 PM typing my fingers asses off (im a medical masterpiece so i have asses everywhere)...alone...*tear*
Ha great flash and I am satisfied that you came out with 2 flashes in the matter of a week(or 2) big comeback after not making anyflashes since the Telefrancis Colab and im proud to call you my son. Sorry for the long review~Darkcloud417

Bobert-Rob responds:

Really? You tried finding things to complain about and failed? This is probably the only review that's like that, heh. Everyone else basically had a field day with what they thought this flash did wrong or was lacking. And yeah, that would be a ridiculous commercial. I'm glad you enjoyed it though, really. Thanks for watching!

so Hilarious

my most memoriable part was when she stuck the folk in the guys paper mouth. that was hilarous. the sun was so cute too. he wanted in on the act. this was a fun peice to watch. I like how you did your crayon textures too. original cute and funny. Oh romantic too in a cute kind of way. well done. Must of taken you a while to do XD

Bobert-Rob responds:

Heh, yeah, about 9-ish months of solid work. Probably more, but I never sit down and count out exactly how much time I spend working on it. Glad you enjoyed this, I know I did! :D


Wow, this is a great valentines film!!!

Classic love story, Clueless guy & overly obssesed girl whos trying to find true love

The guy would probally be some emotionaly retarted dude with talent to be the next picasso.....

Excellent animation, great story line, good job, cant wait till next vid :)


LOVING YOUR STYLE lol nice job :D


Excellent flash. Animations were smooth, transitions were creative, and story was interesting if a bit slow at first. Almost perfect, undeniably superb. My only qualm is the slight lack of closure at the end, but that's probably what you were going for: a feeling of confusion and an opening for the viewer to continue the story in his/her own image. Not really my thing, but it worked seamlessly so bravo.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, I know the closure bit kind of irked some people. I personally liked the ending, though I suppose it was kind of weak story-telling-wise. I just liked the irony it presents to the story as a whole. Leaves Annie with a bit of a hint as to how she should approach him from now on, but whether she'll want to or not isn't made clear. Leaves room for a series to begin if I had time to later. Who knows, right? Thanks for watching, I'm glad you enjoyed it!