Reviews for "The Heart and the Hand p2"


I didn't even finish watching this before i started writing a review,
Be serious or not, i mean they talk and then they don't...
She takes him to dinner and his goal is to get the crayon
The waiter hands them menus, "meh"
She teleports everywhere... wtf?

At the end you should have had something like, " 'Men Are Retards' and, 'Women Can't Say Lets Fuck' "

+10 for art and effort

-8 for plot and life wasted

Fascinatingly awful...

Rob, about 8 minutes in to this I was wrestling with whether or not I would leave you an honest review, I wanted to like this, but it was an absolute ordeal to watch. Had you spent less time on this I would have spared you my ranting but as it's clear this was a really big project I feel I owe you my two cents in the hope they can help with future endeavors.

This was absolutely insane. Like a kind of abstract experiment in endurance. I've read that you intended it to be "cutesy" but it didn't come across that way for me.

Firstly, the music was relentless and scary, like something from a Residents album, I don't think you meant for it to be so ominous and hammering, but I kind of liked it.

The real problem for me was the story and understanding the relationship between the characters as I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be taken literally. If so, why was a child in kindergarten dating a curvaceous woman? Were they children or adults?? Were they supposed to be symbolic depictions of personality types? It didn't seem as if you were going for symbolism so I was left with total confusion as to what in hell was going on. As a love story I couldn't care about their struggle as Glenn just came across as completely insane and annoying. Really, what was his problem?

The art had a kind of weird patchwork effect which was occasionally pretty but often looked messy with all the stretched textures next to the slick vector characters. I think you should have stuck with one art style and that would have been better.

I just can't get over what was supposed to be happening at any given moment. It felt way too long and devoid of a story, combine that with the soundtrack and crazy images and it just makes for a total assault on the senses. I didn't hate this, as a piece of Lynchian nighmtmare-fuel set to the score from Pee Wee's Big Adventure on meth it was very fun, but I really don't think that's what you were going for.

Don't hate me man.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, I don't hate you, don't worry. You're just telling it like you saw it. I prefer honesty to mindless worship.
That said, you and most others are taking this way too literally. Perhaps I didn't do great with the symbolism, but I did the best I could at the time.
That's really all I can say. I suppose this is a pretty flawed attempt in a lot of people's eyes, especially people who study animation like you higher ups do. Like all the things I've done, it's practice for me and that's all I ever see it as. I'll do my best to take what I can from this and try to think about how to better future attempts.
Although it does suck that a lot of the bigger NG names only comment on my things when they hate them. But now I'm just complaining, so I'll stop, heh. Thanks for trying.

the disorder and the pills

i have no idea what just happened. i just tripped balls sober and i'm coming down from this awful high hard.

a 3 for being utterly baffling on three points

characters = why do they appear to be adults but are seemingly students in an elementary school class?
'glenn has a bevy of mental issues going on: inability to focus, unable to distinguish the progression of child-to-adult activities, unable to comprehend the purpose simple objects like bouquets, lack of simple survival desires such as reproach from strangers and eating, and rampant hallucinations.

why does he suddenly change all his inklings about the girl the second he sees his previous drawing, smooch her, and run off hollering?

our female lead isn't much better since although she demands fine dining and apparel, she's instantly wooed by a crayon drawing made by a grown man who lays stomach-down on the carpet using crayola fats. sure, there are well-adjusted people who still prefer childhood hobbies like mindless doodling, but they get a sketchbook and a pencil.

plot = very few of the shenanigans really contributed to the story at all and about half of this flash felt like padding, but it was hard padding to even follow.

score = the music was a constant jarring trip-inducer, it followed no mood of the characters and had no cohesive melody, compounded with the fact that the whole thing was shot like a point-of-view horror movie, i felt nauseous and battered by the end....
....the end that never came.

Bobert-Rob responds:

So what you're saying is you liked it? :3

Great work

i found this pretty good everything ran smoothly, im just confused to how old they are O.o... and also if thats what it takes to win a girl over i gotta find me a crayon


so........that what....late teen to adult male...has the mind of a 4 year old.....and the female, is onlye maybe twice that (10)

and everybody seems to find everything funny, since the do NOT stop giggling....

well it was cute :D....