Reviews for "The Heart and the Hand p2"

sounds like you got the hots for rina chan lol

loved it, simply loved it. i feel i can relate to that story, being an artist and all. i mean i draw on bills from restaurants for fun. the girlfriend does not enjoy that one bit i can tell you. great effort man, keep up the good work. maybe we'll collab one day.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, drawing on things you're not supposed to is just too much fun. Plus it entertains an otherwise bored mind. Glad you liked it! :D

Really adorable!

It's obvious how much effort was put into this, I love the changes in style and the transitions were really clever. AND THE ANGLES. Really righteous.

...And the characters are so gosh darn lovable. 8D

Very Nice!

Great! :D

tha kid annoyed me ._.

way to much ._.
but u did an awesome job on it :D
the animation was preety smooth and nice
i liked it

Great style

Definitely an interactive and cute world. Although it's kinda weird to watch an idiot of Glen's magnitude. Kinda like watching a 7th grade teacher date a big post-pubescent 5 year-old.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Intelligence doesn't always reflect age, you know. It's possible to grow up but never gain much intelligence. Otherwise, Rob from the Siblings series would be a toddler himself at times, heh.