Reviews for "The Heart and the Hand p2"

very good

simple funny and easy to understand

Heh... how come things don't work for me that way?

Man, if only a girl would do this if they wanted to go out on a date with me. I'd have no clue, but the moment they gave me the roses and chocolate for them, I'd immediately do my best to make there day great!

love the artwork

i like how it looks like a crayon drawing

excelent animation

Good job but I have one question. Do these kids go to high school for the redarded or what. I mean who colors with crayons in high school?

Bobert-Rob responds:

Someone who has nothing else to color with? It's not like crayons are off limits when you get a certain age. It's an art utensil like all overs.


I found it very cute. It strangely reminded my of that game "cooking mama" for the DS since they were using vocal hums and giggles to represent their thoughts and emotions instead of talking. It turned out good, Looking forward to your next submission.