Reviews for "The Heart and the Hand p2"

Finally, the conclusion

Although I'd originally gotten into your work through the Siblings episodes, the first part of this was such a fresh concept and so darn lovable that I was eagerly anticipating the rest of it. It's been a while since then but the second part still proved to be a satisfying ending to it all. The only thing that nagged at me was the fact that you actually have the characters speaking. One of the things I really liked about the (original) first part was its ability to tell a fun little story without any dialogue at all, and I think it was better that way. Kudos in any case.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, I suppose including what dialog I did could've been a mistake. I couldn't help it I suppose, writing dialog is a hard habit to break. I still kept it to a minimum, though... well, anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the ending! Thanks for watching!

so sweet

wow,this flash made me fell happy about love, you really did good making this.


..sneaky little son of a...How lucky could a guy be man i just dont...jeez

Interesting Video.

Some interesting scene transitions, they work well in this video. I liked also how you used the crucial sounds of sentence, and only those crucial sounds and words to basically describe the mood of the situation, like the grunting noises and 1-2 word sentences followed by a gesture. I thought that was a pretty unique feature to the movie. Not only that, but also the way the movie progressed and all. That was one patient female. I hope it wasn't actually like that...

Bobert-Rob responds:

It wasn't actually like anything, this is just a story I came up with. Glad you liked the presentation of it!

Very Good

Haha the sun was stalking people