Reviews for "I Hate This Game More"


i cheated on the impossible game this song is good just gotta ignore the fact that its on too much

re: lvl 28

EXACLY!!!!1!!!!!!! D:<


21: move around the boxes, the trash can, and the thing that says plant thing or something. 22: type the code 256996761 (i think). 23:it reapets a pattern. just click where it will stop. "it" is doorknob. 24: 5693 nuff said. 25: theres a small black square at the top left corner. click it and erase me will highlight. press backspace and it will dissapear. 26: go where the score is and click and type in 1000000. 27: the code is 9084. 28:put the cursor on the doorknob and wait. 29: figure this one out. or ur a dumbass. 30: wait for the guy to dissapear and youll see a star appear next to him click it quickly before he comes back. YOUR ALL WELCOME. also 23 is 24 and 24 is 23. srry about that.

ib hate this game more then any one


Valentines Day, eh?

Level 29 really had me for a few minutes...
PS: What?! That's it? It's got half of the number of levels as the first one! Nuff said -100000/10! Better if we party outside!!!
PPS: -1 star for muzac