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Reviews for "ShellCore Command: Ep1"


This game is AWESOME and if im not mistaken a multiplayer version OMFG that would be awesome....Like seriously a multiplayer zone o_o.

PS.For those who cant get through mission 1 just keep killing them until a part appears and dosent disapear


I don'l usualy swear but this game is un-fucking-believable!


And for the guy above me, destroy an batleship in a dead zone


I enjoyed this very much. This has some replay value to it and I can't wait for more! There is one thing I am not sure about. There is a lag when you approach an enemy and the battle begins. That can be somewhat frustrating especially if your trying to time destroying one enemy before another approaches or spawns. At the same time it has an advantage because the enemy can't fire at you either until the time lag has passed. So you can fire at an enemy and run away and make his bullets miss.

Great game!

This whas a awesome game I couldn't stop playing!
I Recommend everyone to play it!