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Reviews for "ShellCore Command: Ep1"


absolutely loved it but what i didnt like is that by the end i hadlike all these clunky lookin parts on my ship for like shell core energy and regen for those things but it woulda been nice to be able to update the ship rather than put thos clunky parts on it cause it looks pretty rediculous with those parts on it and also i hated when you'd drag items around and you couldnt retract your beam because the ship was in the way oh and i hated that you could only drag one thing back and if you left a map all the leftover pieces would dissapear hmm think thats it but other than those things totally awesome game faved it lol i cant wait for more :3


I'll admit, it is a little hard at first. But after you get some good parts, and then come up with a good strategy, this game can be a lot of fun. Being able to add parts to your ship to make it stronger allows you to make your ship however you want, no matter how weird it may be. So in my honest opinion, this game is great. I can't wait to see the next episode. Keep up the good work.


but you should add more upgades more story and maye an online multiplayer !


Was wondering how to get the PHAT LEWT medal as the only BattleCore I managed to encounter was the 1 from the mission and it doesn't respawn after u complete it..

Until I managed to defeat 1 of those strange huge ships in the deadzone and obtained 1 of those huge parts!

After that I started "DeadZone Hunting" until my ship was full of BattleCore parts and became freakishly huge(the Carrier couldn't even compare) and IMBA!

Each of them came with +1000 Shell, +500 Core & a LvL 2 ability but weighed a ton(15) each!
But once you get a few of those gigantic Thrusters, each +40 spd & +20 accel, you'll end up moving even faster then before!

With a fully upgraded ship, u can easily dash past the enemy ships & extractors and head directly for the Carrier and take it out in a 1v1 battle!!

*Overall a very awesome game with an awesome gameplay and especially the customization! But as mentioned by many before, really wished you could store the parts dropped by enemies somewhere when not close to any Havens since they disappear upon leaving the sector, which is a headache when there are many drops and you can only pick 1. Also saves the trouble of having to return to base each time a part is found, which really wastes time when "DeadZone Hunting"(ok I know that might be a personal problem).

Also wished we could flip the parts around, as I somehow wound up with alot more left parts that rights which made my ship look like a huge gundam with 1 normal arm and another oversized arm...

ZOMG its everything into 1

I don't know how you did it, but you combined classic Arcade space shooter, with Upgrade Shooter, RTS, and RPG elements all into one. Your AI is also freakishly smart at times in the RTS scenario. I would love to see an ep2, perhaps with a few features mentioned in these reviews.