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Reviews for "ShellCore Command: Ep1"

Unmatched customization and amazing battles

This game is simply amazing. The customization is literally epic by the true definition of the word. Starting as a little slightly generic ship, then building up to a gigantic force to be reckoned with, this game has the most customization of any game I've seen to date.
The story was fair, and the ending showed great use of suspense to keep players waiting for the next episode (which, at the time of this review, is actually released).
The extra tasks added to the replayability value greatly. So did the medals, of course. What I found kept me playing the longest, however, were those incredibly powerful (and rare) BattleCore parts. It was definitely a challenge going into DeadZones at first, but patrolling the DeadZones for those parts became my new objective in the game, regardless of having technically completed it already.
There were a few problems I had with the game, but being that this is no longer the most recent ShellCore, mentioning them would be pretty much stating the obvious and for no reason. It's all minor stuff anyways.
Overall, this game is amazing and fun to play for hours. It even feels like one of those games you'd return to once you've beaten it, just to collect some more.




ep2 are out on a other site

Addictive and cool

This is an awesome game that captures the retro game stylewith the great graphics and music.


Its a cool game, but at certain points, the enemy cores can just destroy you because you're just so underpowered. I wish there were a bit more parts. Love the 8-bit music! This seems like such a retro game.