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Reviews for "ShellCore Command: Ep1"

Working link for episode 2 (beta)

Good game.
And if you use this link: http://vowey.angelfire.com/shellcore/
It says malware detected, but there isn't any. I checked, and Avast! antivirus didn't detect anything, plus I just ran a scan after playing the game for a few hours.

Hey Guys.......THERE IS A EP 2!

i found out that there is a ep 2 out.it is on angelfire but guess what?
Some faggot screwed up the site........Thumbs if ou agree to have this posted on NG if not then fuck you.
srry but 9/10 for not doin this4 a while and 4/5 srry man


Can NOT wait for Ep 2.

Pure Epic

This game is pure epic! I do agree with alot of the upsides to this game great selection great customization and ect. Main down sides are only 1 tractor beam..for the size of my vessel i should have 3. Catagorization needs some sprucing too like beam catagory missile and bullet. As for the deadzones your core shouldn't take such a big hit from hanging around there..your shell should degrade first then the core. As for my loadout on my ship...prepare to crap your pants.. 15 beam weapons..2 Bullet..2 Cannon..3 missile..10 thrusters and 4 energy.
It is a bit of an energy pig in long fights and shes a bit slow but once gets to rollin shes greased lightning.

Awesome game, but what's the music??

Absolutely love this game!
It's got a great idea behind it and I really want the next Ep' to come out...
But most of all I really want to know what the main menu music is.. I want to download it to play when I'm out and about! =D