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Reviews for "ShellCore Command: Ep1"

not good at all

I enjoyedthis at first but it gets boring as one progresses, becouse every battle goes the same way: you capture the extractors, place turrets nearby so the enemy can't take it back, buy siege turrets and destroy the base with them. You could buy drones too, I know, but they are very weak, and would be only useful if you could spam the enemy with them. Also they take away places from the towers. Probably that's why the enemy doesn't build drones either.
Then in Heaven 3 it get sboring ecouse you can't do anything: when a battlecore should be destroyed, and I get no support at all, and even the enemy fighters are stronger than me, so I can't even get near the extractor before they kill me! And no decent parts can be found wich would make me significantly stronger, and if I try to get stronger by attaching many parts, the only result is that I become slow as hell - and the enemies still tear me apart with ease!
This game should be either a shooter with a few strategy involved, but then one should be able to upgrade the ship to a real strong one; or a stratagy game with a small shooter part, but than you should be able to build a grat army and manage it better! As it is, the game failed in both category for the abovementioned resons.


I really like this game and how you can customize your own ship and go on missions and one of the funniest parts in the game is when you talk to the guy who shows you ads and when you talk to him too much he tells you when the next episode of this game will be out and he begs someone to kill him and I have to say again that this is a wonderful game to play

Great game

This game is great!!! Cant wait for episode 2!!! Things to add or change:

1: Agressive/passive mode: Seems like you only open fire when fired at first, gotta change that!!!

2: Item collecting: Need to be able to grab more parts at once!

3: Item ID: Just calling a part "loot" sucks, you should put in a bried description like "weapon", "engine", "assist", or "armor" for the parts that don't really have a function. Or better yet be able to grab multiple parts.

4: Part storage: Need more part storage!!!

Otherwise very much looking forward to episode 2

It's good, but...

...there are a lot of things to fix, like the trader. I didn't know how to sell items, and in the process of trying to figure out how to, I lost an item. Also, the fact that you can only haul one item at a time with your tractor beam is annoying. I had so many loose parts from my enemies at once, but was forced to pick between them. Another thing is that whenever I enter a sector to quickly, my allies don't catch up and disappear. And to top it all off, it froze on me. Either I am experiencing these bugs by myself, or everyone else is ignoring them. To me, desperately needs an update.

so much building potential!

when i first looked at this game i was really interested at the gameplay in story mode. I liked the idea of fighting other ships with a fully personalized ship of my own to whoop some booty. the scavenging parts from destroyed enemies gave me a sort of feeling that comes from level grinding games, only here you look for money. This game is beyond epic and there is so much potential for so many additions to the game. I leave that decision up to you, but consider maybe an online multiplayer mode, fighting agaist other players who have different strategies. Just a thought. FRIGGEN GREAT WORK!!!