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Reviews for "ShellCore Command: Ep1"

for the people who give it low ratings

you make somthing better. yes im looking at u Istentelen
or stop bitching about it being so hard!

Great game, but a few general problems:

number 1: there's no way to move abilities or guns to another quickbar,
number 2: the task arrow points toward a ridiculously powerful ship on the enemy's side instead of the enemy carrier during some battles.

cool game but

i hope when u make ep.2
you make the symbols more identifiable when there left from dead enemies {red},
and they should have a value so u can pick out the best trash item but overall
its a great game 10/10

it's ok

it was a fun shooter but their are some problems like how you can only hold one item at a time and u can equip items only in heaven 1 and 2 and the bases are to damn hard to destroy other than that it's a awesome game

Solid stuff

-Good tactics
-Great Building Mechanic
-Music gets a little annoying after a while.
-Recommend categorizing the parts a little better, for ease of selection. Also maybe using a slightly larger/more readable font.

Bring on EP2 ASAP, pls.