Reviews for "Score!"


Great "retro style" game, reminds me old text adventure I play when I was a child.
Has inside tons of humor but some commands are really hard, luckily there is a video walkthrough inside, with this all the medals are really easy.
Good work man!

FUNNY ! :)

cool game man ..

I love the angry people who aren't smart enough.

I used the walkthrough as soon as the game started simply to figure out how to use the commands. It got me a medal or two and then I x'd it out and figured the rest of them out myself. It's challenging for sure, but hell, it's suppose to be challenging. If you really think about it though why is it challenging? It's simple commands that you would use in real life.

~ Animation ~

I understand that you wanted simplicity here, but a little bit of animation would have made the game a bit better. Perhaps when he was being thrown out or something like that. But old school is still pretty cool now and then so it's also a nice change up.

~ Graphics ~

Old school graphics as well. Pretty good style all around and you did a good job with all the small details.

~ Story/Concept ~

A pretty original way to go about a dating sim type of game. I know it wasn't exactly a dating sim, but it was still pretty related. I like not having to use the mouse as that's simply not original anymore and anyone could do that.

There were many medals and different scenarios that you could get. It took me about a half hour without the walkthrough, but I was still kind of disappointed when it was over like I wish there would have been even more. Hm, since there were a lot of choices and it did take me a long time perhaps that feeling I got was because I really enjoyed the game and I didn't quite want it to be over yet.

You did a good job allowing different words and phrases end up doing the same thing. Sometimes games like this don't cover a lot of different words, but you did.

~ Audio ~

You had good music throughout the game. I really liked the way that you had different songs for the bad endings and ones for the good endings as well. Some more sound effects would be nice, but the ones that you had such as the door opening were pretty good.

~ Overall ~

There might be a few things here and there to touch up, but I enjoyed the game thoroughly because it was very challenging and made me think. I think the walkthrough shouldn't be used if at all possible because it takes the fun out of the game. Keep up the good work!


Got to say this is actually well put together for a text based command game. Makes me remember the old Leisure Suit Larry series I used to play on the computer years back. Good Job and hope to see some more of these!

Pretty sweet

I like it.