Reviews for "Score!"


Quite original idea. But no one has the time to play it.. I just watched some of the walkthrough and i would have never figured out to type that stuff..

What to do!

It was a fun game. I didn't really like the roofie part (but that might be because I am a girl) but it was fun to look around. Here is what I found.

To get cockblock: talk to, kiss, touch fat chick. talk to blonde. buy blonde a drink. kiss blonde.
Deaf: Mute game
asian: restroom, talk to guy, give guy roofies, talk to asian, buy asian drink, pressure asian to drink, kiss asian, take asian home
blonde: restroom, buy fat chick a drink, give fat chick roofies, talk to blonde, buy blonde drink, kiss blonde, take blonde home
casanova: talk to guy, buy guy drink, touch guy, take guy home
threesome: roofie guy and fat chick, talk to blonde, buy her drink, kiss her and go to asian. talk, pressure to drink, kiss. take blonde and asian home.
roofie: talk to fat chick, give her roofies, talk to blonde, buy her drink, give blonde roofies.
take fat chick home: buy fat chick drink, take fat chick home.
try writing: slap bouncer, leave, drink (a couple of times), take roofies, flash bouncer, touch blonde
to get rejected: restroom, give roofies to fat chick, talk to blonde, take blonde home.

gooD! =D

IT'S SO HARD it'S to hard but cool 8/10 5/5

mario fun time wat who said that funny in blue

this was the best game i played ANd if you want to get the flash medal just type flash
asome game awsome cooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllll


Fun Game!
Good job everything comes together nicely