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this review is for anyone who wants to know to the medals For this flash game:
Great game, but for a text-based game the commands are sort of unclear until you get the hang of it. Maybe a help feature that gives you the basics? (i.e. 'talk' + object (asian, guy/dude/man, bouncer, barkeep, blonde, ugly/fat))
So, a text walkthrough to all the awards in the game for those of you who don't want to go to YouTube. Note that all text commands don't need to be written as I've written them, and that you can get some awards in different ways. This is just how I played this game. :|
FLASH - Strip naked. ('flash')
DEAF - Mute the music. ('mute music')
QUITTER - Quit and go home (loser). ('quit')
HUNGRY - Go to the washroom. ('go to toilet') You'll get roofies. Eat them roofies, become the Hangover Part Three. ('eat roofies')
ALPHA MALE - Go to the washroom, take the roofies. Talk to the guy ('talk to guy'), then drug 'im. (FOR DATERAEP! 'drug guy')
THIRSTY - After you drugged the guy, talk to the Asian chick. ('talk asian') Then, give her a drink. She'll refuse and you'll drink it. ('drink asian')
HOSPITALIZED - Try to fondle the Asian chick. ('touch asian')
BOOZE HOUND - Have a couple of drinks ('drink'), then try to get the Asian to drink. Turns out she can outdrink you. ('persuade asian to drink')
MULTICULTURAL - You must NOT have had any drinks before attempting this. Repeat the 'HUNGRY' and 'ALPHA MALE' steps, then talk to the asian ('talk to asian'). Give her a drink, she'll make you drink it. ('give drink to asian'). Then, persuade her to drink. ('persuade asian to drink'). You can kiss her inside, or take her home. ('kiss asian', 'take asian home') If you try to fondle her though, she still kicks your ass. ('touch asian')
EXPERIMENTATION - Talk to the guy ('talk to guy'), then buy him a drink. ('give drink to guy'). Then, fondle him ('touch guy') and take him home to have wild gay sex. ('take guy home')
VIOLENCE - Attack the bouncer. ('attack bouncer')
SCOOTER ROOTER - Take the ugly chick home. ('take ugly home')
REJECTED - Talk to the ugly chick ('talk to ugly'), then talk to the blonde. ('talk to blonde') Then, try to kiss the blonde and get slapped ('kiss blonde')
FROTTEURISM - Grope the blonde chick. ('touch blonde')
COCK BLOCK - Talk to the ugly chick first. ('talk to ugly') Then, just keep on talking to the blondie and they'll both leave. ('talk to blonde')
SLEAZEBAG - Get the roofies from the washroom ('go to toilet'), then talk to the ugly chick ('talk to ugly'). Then talk to the blonde ('talk to blonde'), buy her a drink and drug her. ('give drink to blonde', 'drug blonde')
BEACHED AS - Take the roofies, drug the ugly chick. ('go to toilet', 'drug ugly')
TRUE GENTLEMAN - Then, talk to the blonde ('talk to blonde'), buy her a drink ('give drink to blonde'), then kiss her. ('kiss blonde'). Didn't get the award? Hang on...
2'S COMPANY 3'S... - Repeat the 'MULTICULTURAL' steps, but take both the Asian and the blonde home. ('take blonde asian home')
CASANOVA - If you've taken every girl home, you get this award.
SCORE! - If you've got every award, you get this award. You also get a pimp suit!

This is a copy of a help for this game


By the way when you play this game, the person your playing as will be in his underwear for the messages when you get the medal depend that message

cool game got all the medals xD without walkthroughs

Nice game,I got all the medals!!!

best typing adventure game ever

nice. but my medals aren't working