Reviews for "WH40K: SpaceHulk"

f... lol

now you are talking about a good end

Sweet job

I love warhammer, I'm happy more people are making flash animations about it


Must...complete the mission..... Must...... BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legit Best Attack Plan Ever!

"I feel amazingly expendable."

Made me lawl.

Very good animation and i often thought of those plot holes after i played the game as the Astartes (and won :D) like how they ARE super-humans wearing a heavier version of what they would usually wear, so instead of all the mucking about in the corridors why didn't they make corridors? or widen the corridors by smacking them open with their fists?

though that bit at the end when Zael goes into Post traumatic stress and Insanity. wouldn't he have given into Chaos? Just saying.Yes i am a massive fan of the 40K universe. :)